Sandra Christensen

10 things to post on your company page

There are more than 30 million Company Pages on LinkedIn. If you aren’t one of those who take advantage of the potential with a Company Page, you miss a unique opportunity to reach your target audience directly. We provide you with 10 tips on what kind of content you can share from your Company Page.
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HR is the new marketing

Active employees represent a golden way for the company to create meaningful marketing. In this article, you will learn how your employees and how to work with employee advocacy can be beneficial.
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4 advices for your Social Selling effort

In this article, we dive into 4 elements that are crucial to your Social Selling effort, and simple mistakes that can damage your credibility, personal brand and ultimately the company you work for. Exactly what you are trying to achieve with Social Selling.
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18 do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn

It’s not always easy to navigate on LinkedIn – this applies to both the “oldies” and “newbies”. We, therefore, provide you with 18 do’s and don’ts, that you can use when strolling around on the professional network, LinkedIn. Personal is “go” If you want to create new valuable connections, it is a good idea to be personal in all your...
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The complete guide for a SoMe-policy

Having a policy for using social media in your business is the best way to make sure your employees have the knowledge on how to behave on the different channels. In this guide, you will find tips on how to design a SoMe-policy across your channels. What is a SoMe-policy? A SoMe-policy gives some written guidelines on how an organization...
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LinkedIns decrease in “impressions”

Have you also experienced a decree se in impressions on your sponsored content? Then there might be an explanation. LinkedIn has changed the way in which views of sponsored content are being registered.
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