Presently, there are 706+ million professionals on LinkedIn. This means, that the platform is full of possibilities and opportunities both for individuals and companies. Thus, we have gathered the ultimate guide for the professional use of LinkedIn. Explore our articles and get insights into different aspects of LinkedIn that would surely be beneficial for you.

LinkedIn for you as an individual

Become a visible expert within your industry

Are you aware of the benefits of being a visible expert, also known as a thought leader, within your industry? Being a visible expert contributes to creating a strong position and building your brand. Read this article and learn, step-by-step, how to become a visible expert. 

How well are you performing on LinkedIn?

Did you know that LinkedIn offers a free tool to measure your performance? This measurement is called the SSI score and is calculated based on your ability to establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, and build relationships. Your SSI score is an indication of how consistent and professional you are at exploiting the possibilities of the platform.

18 do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn

It can be challenging to navigate the LinkedIn platform due to its many possibilities and features. To make this easier for you, whether you are an “oldie” or a “newbie” on the platform, we present you with 18 do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn when strolling around the platform. 

LinkedIn in a company context

Challenge LinkedIn’s algorithms!

Do your organic posts on LinkedIn not receive as much engagement as they potentially could, and you wish they would? The reason for this is most likely because of LinkedIn’s algorithms. LinkedIn’s algorithms change frequently and are a jungle to navigate in. However, there are ways to challenge them! 

Are you exploiting the opportunities with video?

Is video a part of your marketing strategy on LinkedIn? If not, this is something we highly recommend and that you should consider if it is relevant for your business. Latest surveys show that users’ attention is caught more by video than any other type of post.  

Do you know how to subtitle videos?

Did you know that almost 85% of all videos seen on social media are played without sound, and thus, users might miss the messages of the videos? Therefore, it can be an advantage to add subtitles to your videos as subtitles make it easier for users to see what your video is about. In this article, we explain how to add subtitles to a video.     

Make the perfect update from your Company Page

Are you aware of all the options LinkedIn provides you with when making a post? There are numerous opportunities to edit, adjust, and choose different types of posts. Read this article and get an overview of how to make the perfect LinkedIn update.

Ideas for what to post on your Company Page

Do you have a Company Page but struggle with coming up with ideas of what to post and share? There are many different types of updates to post that could be enriching for the followers of your Company Page. Read this article and get inspired.

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