Content marketing B2B

More and more businesses, especially in the B2B market, are allocating a more significant portion of their marketing budget to content marketing. But how do we measure its effectiveness and success? And how do we ensure that the content is consistent with our position strategy?

We can help your company in the shift from traditional marketing activities to the important work with content marketing.

Focus on positioning, SEO, traffic, lead generation and thought leadership.

Elements that may be included in a customized training program:

  • How should content marketing support the business strategy?
  • How is the appropriate content chosen and produced?
  • How is content planned?
  • How can content marketing be used to create leads, and thought leadership?
  • Content as a part of the positioning strategy
  • Useful tools for sharing content on multiple channels
  • Tools for finding valuable content for the business’ target group
  • How can the activity be measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis?

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