Quest 12 – How to make an enriching post

Start a post

Go to your homepage on LinkedIn, and click ‘Start a post‘. You can choose between five different types of posts:

  • Link update: You can choose to share a link to an article from your website or any other article that you think will enrich your network.
  • Image update: You can choose to share a post that includes one or more images that you want your network to see. E.g., an image related to a conference or course.
  • Pdf update: You might be looking to hire a new employee and want your network to be aware of this.
  • Text update: You can choose to share an update consisting of text entirely. This is typically a good idea if your update does not need graphic support.
  • Video update: Video has gotten bigger and is now more valuable than ever before. This format receives greater engagement than any other format, and it can, therefore, be a good idea to experiment with it. 


  • Why should your network pay attention to your post?
  • Be clear in wording, the picture, or video
  • Tag people or companies by making a @
    • Only tag people when it makes sense
  • Use hashtags by making a #
    • Remember only to use really relevant hashtags
  • You can maximum write 1,300 characters


  • Smartphone: Approximately 150 characters with space before viewers have to click ‘See more
  • Computer / Tablet: Approximately 200 characters with space before viewers have to click ‘See more‘.

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