Quest 2 – Write an article

It might be a good idea to write an article that shows your role as a Visible Expert on LinkedIn. But how do you write an article?

1. Go to LinkedIn

If you want to write an article, go to your home page. Click ‘Write an article‘ below the field where you can ‘Start a post’.

2. Headline

It is essential that you think thoroughly about your headline. The headline should be catchy and not just a label. The headline should tell the readers what to expect from the article.

The headline might change a couple of times in the process of writing your article. This is normal and positive for the outcome.

3. Write your article

We recommend that your article is no longer than 1,000 words – between 500-800 words is optimal. If the article is longer than 1,000 words, think about how you can break it up – maybe into two articles.

4. Make use of subheads

An article can easily seem very long and overwhelming. Subheads can be great in order to break up the article into smaller, more manageable parts.


Check out Nicolai’s article from 2017. Read it here.

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