Quest 9 – Shared connections

Can your closest connections or customers help you get in touch with new people?

Search with filters

In order to find out if your connections can help you get in touch with new, interesting, and relevant people, you have to search with filters.

  • Go to ‘My network
  • Click on ‘Connections
  • Find one of your connections that you think have an interesting and relevant network
  • Go to their profile.

Do they have an open or closed network?

  • If their connections are blue, they have an open network:
  • If their connections are black, they have a closed network:

Important: It is only possible to make a filtered search if the connection has an open network.

  • Click on their connections
  • Click on ‘All filters‘ in the top bar
  • Uncheck the box with 1st connections.

Now, it is time to search with filters:

Type in some filters. It could be:

  • Industry
  • Company
  • Title
  • Interest
  • Location

When you have made your filtered search, you will get a list of connections that potentially meets the requirements. This list contains connections that are all 2nd or 3rd connections, which means you are not connected with them.

The list contains interesting and relevant people, who might be a good idea to connect with in order to get in touch with new people.

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