ChatGPT & AI Workshop

An agenda could, for example, contain the following points:

  • Discover how to integrate ChatGPT, ChatGPT-4o, Gemini and Copilot into marketing processes, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency
  • Use ChatGPT, Copilot & Gemini’s ability to generate creative content and presentations
  • How can AI help with the creative process and graphic material?
  • The use af Midjourney & DALL-E
  • Practical exercises
  • What considerations should you make regarding the use of ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini & AI in the organisation
  • Finantial results from using ChatGPT & AI tools, e.g. efficiency gains, etc.

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    Nicolai Haeggelin - Founder

    Nicolai Hæggelin has more than 20 years of experience with online media, and is looking forward to guiding your company towards better results.
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    Larisa Stangaciu - Digital Project Manager

    Larisa manages Digital Works’ social media and digital activities on a daily basis, and therefore has a deep knowledge and understanding of digital efforts in a professional context. Larisa also works as a Project Manager together with our customers and subcontractors.
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