Linkedin for businesses

We offer both virtual and physical training for our clients!

Is your business aware of the multiple possibilities a professional presence on LinkedIn can create? LinkedIn is fantastic for Employee Advocacy, employer branding, recruitment, creating increased awareness, sales and much more.

We offer in-company training programs tailored to your needs and goals. We will ensure that you are equipped to establish your business on LinkedIn, or optimize your company’s presence. You will receive the necessary insights into choosing focus, strategy, and priorities, as well as the skills needed to manage the ongoing operations.  

Proposal for agenda

  • How should your Company Page be established or improved?
    • LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  • Are groups a golden opportunity for your business?
  • What content should be posted?
  • What is the employees’ role in this, or how can they be involved?
    • Employee Advocacy
  • Which considerations should be made regarding internal policies and procedures?
  • How is the effort measured, and how can the data be used?
  • Tips to avoid pitfalls on LinkedIn.

Learn more through a meeting where we present one of our cases relevant to your industry and discuss your thoughts.

The request is not binding, which means that you can always cancel the meeting later if you change your mind. 

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