Working in Life Sciences

How do we work with Life Sciences?

At Digital Works, we help Life Sciences organizations increase engagement and effectiveness towards HCPs and Government on LinkedIn. We have helped organizations in Europe, the US, and Japan achieve their digital potential.

Why focus on approaching HCPs through LinkedIn?

Times have changed, and so has the go-to-market approach. Furthermore, Life Sciences need a mix of commercial models to engage with HCPs and Government. According to LinkedIn, there are 8.6 million Healthcare professionals on the platorm.

Before Covid-19, the percentage of doctors who preferred in-person sales visits was around 77%. Currently, those doctors’ preferences for in-person sales support post-Covid-19 have decreased to 40%.

Source: Bain US Front Line of Healthcare Survey 2020.

Medtech and Pharma sales go virtual

  • About 60% of surgeons believe that restrictions on in-person sales representative access are likely to persist even after the pandemic is over.
  • Many physicians once skeptical of virtual interactions with sales reps now report these exchanges are high quality.

The Networking way

The best way to approach HCPs and Government easily and quickly is through Social Enrichment and Networking on LinkedIn. To do so, you must create a relationship where you combine the elements of know, like, and trust to your connections. 

The 4 Pillars of Social Networking on LinkedIn

  • Creating a professional profile
  • Finding the right people within Hospital and Healthcare, and Government
  • Engaging with personal insights (unbranded) by posting and sending messages
  • Building strong relationships with connections with a human touch.

Learn more through a meeting where we present one of our cases relevant to your organization and discuss your thoughts.

We offer both virtual and physical training for our clients!

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    This White paper is written as a practical guide for the many directors and managers seeking a fast track to do Social Selling/Networking on LinkedIn. It is packed with how-to’s, best practices, and focusing on achieving a successful approach to Hospital & Healthcare, and Government.
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