Social Selling with LinkedIn

Digital Works helps sales organisations leverage the huge sales potential of LinkedIn. Through targeted training of the sales people in your organization, we ensure that they understand the true value of the professional use of the platform.

LinkedIn is a powerful shortcut to finding new customers and generating leads. Furthermore, the platform helps facilitate the complex task of finding people with whom you have previously done business. Through the direct contacts in the personal network lie many exciting opportunities in finding companies and decision makers that potentially represent a business opportunity, but also also in creating enrichment within the personal network.

Elements that may be included in a customized training program:

  • How LinkedIn is markedly different from other social media platforms
  • What is social selling?
  • 10 important elements for the personal profile
  • How to expand your network with relevant people
  • How to enrich the professional network on LinkedIn – both in regards to customers and other professional relations
  • Get the full overview – the use of your connections when working with leads
  • How to measure the benefits of working with LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn for booking meetings
  • The role of the sales people in LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn for lead generation and how to generate new customers
  • The role of the company on LinkedIn

After having participated in the training session the participants will have gained a superior understanding of how to use LinkedIn and the personal network in the process of generating new leads, nurturing the pipeline, prospects and creating enrichment.

Participants will gain the following:

  • A solid and professional presence on LinkedIn
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of how LinkedIn is used as a sales tool
  • The ability to develop personal metrics for measurements of using LinkedIn in sales
  • Tools for lead generation in relation to different business segments
  • Compentences for using LinkedIn as a platform for booking meetings

Why focus on social selling?

Working in sales today is much more than just booking meetings. It is just as much about building confidence and trust in both the sales person and the company – it is about positioning, relationships and personal networks. Social selling is about managing and structuring the process of using social media efficiently in sales throughout the organization.

For us social selling is about using social channels to create awareness, confidence, enrichment, relationships and ultimately business. This applies both in terms of the existing relations of the organization, but also in terms of the sales people’s and other commercial employees’ personal profiles and networks.

Our experience with using LinkedIn for social selling

We have personal experience with LinkedIn since 2004 and have built up a large part of Digital Works through our personal networks. We have conducted internal training sessions for sales and commercial purposes for several companies including Danske Bank, Maersk Training, Icopal, Symantec, Fynske Medier and Applicon.


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