Virtual training in Social Selling

Is your company or department geographically spread or unable to be gathered due to structural circumstances? We offer virtual training in Social Selling and the professional use of LinkedIn through platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Webex. 

Our company-specific virtual training sessions provide you with the opportunity to gain a significant competence boost as the session will be adjusted to your ambitions and level of knowledge. In this way, we ensure that your outcome will be as optimal and measurable as possible – both on a short- and long term basis. 

We have successful experience with LinkedIn

We have more than 10 years of experience with using LinkedIn professionally and have trained more than 20.000 people globally – both physically and virtually. 

The yield with virtual Social Selling training

A competent group of employees in your organization who understand how to work with Social Selling and have in-depth knowledge concerning the use of LinkedIn as a tool for generating leads, nurturing connections, virtual quality meetings, and enhanced professional visibility. 

In addition, you will gain improved competences within: 

  • Using the world’s largest professional platform for positioning
  • The value of Social Selling and a high SSI score
  • Execution of Social Selling and booking virtual meetings
  • Enrichment of your network
  • Expansion of your network with relevant connections
  • Improvement of your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Communication on LinkedIn through private messages 

At Digital Works, Social Selling is focusing on how LinkedIn can create visibility, enrichment, strong connections, and in the end, mutual trust. 

Learn more through a virtual meeting where we present one of our cases relevant to your industry and discuss your thoughts.

The request is not binding, which means that you can always cancel the virtual meeting later if you change your mind. The virtual meeting only requires a camera and microphone, and the invitation does not depend on the use of any specific platform.

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    Nicolai Haeggelin - Founder

    Nicolai Hæggelin has more than 20 years of experience with online media, and is looking forward to guiding your company towards better results.
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