A night accompanied by Al Pacino and enriching people

Friday the 17th of January will be a nostalgic night

In the biggest cinema auditorium in Cinemateket, there will be a special screening of Brian De Palmas legendary ‘Scarface’, starring Al Pacino as the main character. Pacino has later stated that the role is one of his favorites. Expect your mind to be blown by Al Pacino himself, De Palma’s remarkable film direction, and Oliver Stone’s script. Read more about the movie here.  

The agenda is: 

  • 4-5.30 pm: Excellent wine and a light bite at Strandvejen 125, Hellerup
  • 5.30 pm: Transport is arranged for our trip to Cinemateket 
  • 5.55 pm: The film will begin
  • 6.30 pm: Short break and an opportunity for a refreshment
  • 9 pm: The event finishes.

I sincerely hope to see you for a delightful evening accompanied by enriching people, and a pearl of a movie from a vanished time. 

You can register here, and kindly add a comment saying if you’ll be attending alone or with a companion. 

Kind Regards, 


P.S. It has required special approval from UIP, in the U.K., to show the film.

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