Virtual training in Video Selling

Is your company or department geographically spread or unable to be gathered due to structural circumstances? We offer virtual training in ‘Video Selling’, where your (sales) team will learn to communicate with customers using self-recorded videos.

Our company-specific virtual training sessions provide you with the opportunity to gain a significant competence boost as the session will be adjusted to your ambitions and level of knowledge. In this way, we ensure that your outcome will be as optimal and measurable as possible – both on a short- and long-term basis. 

We have successful experience with Video Selling

We have experience with multiple clients in multiple industries, where the use of video selling has dramatically increased client engagement rate. Contact us to find out how this new method can help your business.

The return on the virtual Video Selling training

After the training your (sales) team will be capable of creating personalized, impactful video recordings for both potential and existing customers. Video Selling is a new way of capturing (hard-to-reach) customers’ attention in a professional & fresh way. This method increases the likelihood of customers to click through to your content/message after viewing the video and it has a high response rate. At the end of the training the participants will be able to independently send professional videos of themselves to customers via LinkedIn, e-mail, etc.

The yield:

  • Understand how Video Selling can get you ahead of the curve compared to competitors
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts when recording short and personal videos
  • Understand and be able to use Video Selling to strengthen the sales process
  • Set up a (free) video-hosting account
  • Have learned how to easily and effectively send the personal videos to the customers
  • During the training, the participants will record and send videos to each other.

At Digital Works, Video selling is focusing on how you and your team can create visibility, enrichment, impactful messages, and in the end, mutual trust with your customers.

Learn more through a meeting where we present one of our cases relevant to your industry and discuss your thoughts.

The request is not binding, which means that you can always cancel the meeting later if you change your mind.

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