Business collaboration – An opportunity for the future

At Digital Works, we have created an attractive collaboration model, where there is a focus on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and at the same time, space for your own business development.

What do you get out of it?

As a Digital Works collaborator, you get the best of both worlds. Through the particular business model, you enjoy the benefits of “running your own business.” At the same time, you are part of a professional community, where everyone has a clear goal of being the best in the industry together.

Why choose Digital Works?

We ensure that companies and organizations work professionally with Digital Sales and Marketing. Also, we possess solid and extensive knowledge of all aspects of online sales and marketing. Our key competencies are:

Trusted advisor for potential customers

As a collaborator at Digital Works, you will act as the customer’s trusted advisor and offer professionalism and experience. For this reason, you should always be service-oriented, but also challenge the customer and in that way make visible and provide value to the customers.

Community and full responsibility

The golden mean between a permanent position and an independent set-up means that you can immerse yourself in what you are best at. At the same time, you will get help from the organization for the more time-consuming and administrative tasks. Additionally, the central administration takes care of marketing, advertising, agreements, invoicing, etc. In other words, you get the opportunity to be a specialist and deliver the service you are best at.

A rewarding remuneration structure

Digital Works’ business model is intermediate between a traditional consulting house and a freelance model. Therefore, the individual consultant and the team are independent “cost centers” where the remuneration is thus directly proportional to the creation of results.
This means that you, as a collaborator at Digital Works, are self-employed, and you thus receive a variable salary, which is typically higher than in the market as a solely independent consultant.
Our system rewards results, abilities, collaboration, and balances interests.

The ideal candidate

You must be a self-starter with a hunter mentality and experience in sales. Moreover, you are passionate about digital sales and marketing and looking to build your own business.
Your background could be Retail, Telemarketing, Publishing industries, etc., and you have worked with sales.
To sum up, we`re looking for somebody interested in generating new business by using Digital Works` successful brand and tools.

Practical information

Working hours: Flexible timetable.

Location: Hybrid.

Important: Fluency in English.

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    Nicolai Haeggelin - Founder

    Nicolai Hæggelin has more than 20 years of experience with online media, and is looking forward to guiding your company towards better results.
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    Larisa Stangaciu - Digital Project Manager

    Larisa manages Digital Works’ social media and digital activities on a daily basis, and therefore has a deep knowledge and understanding of digital efforts in a professional context. Larisa also works as a Project Manager together with our customers and subcontractors.
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