The use of Social Selling on LinkedIn is growing

Drive more business with Social Selling on LinkedIn!

  • Your LinkedIn profile and personal brand is key to Social Selling success.
  • 7 seconds is all you need to impress a prospect!

Times have changed, and so has the sales model

When used well, LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B businesses. To attract today’s buyer, the dialogue and selling approach needs to shift.

A strong personal brand is essential!

There are 3 things, that your personal brand and LinkedIn profile must do:

  1. Build authority and credibility
  2. Describe and show how you would solve your prospects’ problems
  3. Increase trust and engagement

7 steps to attracting a prospect with Social Selling

  1. Be found: Consider which keywords others’ search for
  2. Why your story: What separates you from competitors?
  3. Credibility: Display and show proof of your credibility, expertise, and experience
  4. Ideal clients: Make sure, that you speak to your ideal clients and their problems
  5. Call to action: Let the interested person know what to do next
  6. Authority: Demonstrate your authority using various resources
  7. Stand out: Stand out using media, pictures, graphics, etc.

Remember, people connect with people.

Social Selling on LinkedIn – the method

This article is written with inspiration from Top Dog Social Media.

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