LinkedIn’s numbers are still growing

LinkedIn continues to consolidate its position as the number one platform for professional networking.  
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LinkedIn introduces messaging for Company Pages

LinkedIn has just rolled out a new feature that allows members to send messages directly to Company Pages. This feature allows LinkedIn members to communicate directly with the page admins. This will facilitate inquiries about different aspects of your business, including products, services or job opportunities listed on the page. Considerations for sending messages for Company Pages To make the...
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LinkedIn’s AI-powered writing tool for posts

LinkedIn has launched an AI-powered writing tool to help you create a first draft for your post. The AI-powered writing tool will help you create a teaser for a post by transforming your ideas on a specific topic into a first draft. The more details you provide, the better your draft will be. LinkedIn will ask you to brainstorm in...
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Two new changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm

LinkedIn has implemented changes to the algorithm recently, impacting the potential visibility of your posts. To boost your reach, it’s crucial to focus on sharing “knowledge and advice.”
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What is your LinkedIn strategy?

This article explores what you should consider before creating a strategy for your presence on LinkedIn or evaluating your existing strategy. Based on best practices from LinkedIn itself, we have created a to-do list on how to reach your full potential on the platform.
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LinkedIn predictions for 2023 

This article will explore what we think we can expect from LinkedIn in 2023. Of course, it is impossible to predict the future but based on our many years of experience with LinkedIn, our predictions look like this:
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New feature on LinkedIn: Now you can finally schedule your posts

Do you use LinkedIn as a part of your SoMe strategy? In that case, we have some good news for you. Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been testing a new scheduling feature internally, and soon it will be available to the platform users. Yes, that’s right – soon, you will be able to schedule posts directly in LinkedIn’s...
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El valor de los líderes de pensamiento en tu organización

¿Tienes algún líder de pensamiento presente en tu organización? Los líderes de pensamiento pueden crear visibilidad para tu empresa, destacar la marca y aumentar la captación de clientes. Un líder de opinión o pensamiento es un individuo cuya experiencia en un área determinada es muy respetada y demandada por compañeros de trabajo, clientes, competidores e incluso personas externas. Son personas...
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Upgrade your Company Page with LinkedIn’s newest features

Are you administrating a Company Page on LinkedIn, and do you want to stay on top of the latest updates from LinkedIn? Then read along here. Several LinkedIn Company Pages features have recently been unveiled or are currently rolling out that can help you take your business or organization to the next level. We have created a quick overview of...
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Make your LinkedIn feed more interesting

Do you ever feel like your LinkedIn feed is drowning in irrelevant content that doesn’t add value and productivity for you? LinkedIn is now introducing new features that will give you a more personalized and relevant experience when you scroll through your feed.
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