LinkedIn has implemented changes to the algorithm recently, impacting the potential visibility of your posts. To boost your reach, it’s crucial to focus on sharing “knowledge and advice.”

The “content sharing transformation” of LinkedIn has been remarkable in recent years. The company reported a substantial 42% year-over-year increase in content sharing from 2021 to 2023 and a 27% rise in content views.  

During the pandemic, LinkedIn posts took on a more personal tone. Users started sharing more selfies and family photos that were once more common on Facebook or Instagram.

For this reason, there are two changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm:

  • Increased Visibility for Followers: Your posts are now more likely to be seen by your followers, with LinkedIn experiencing a 10% rise in people viewing content from those they follow.
  • Priority to “Knowledge and Advice” Posts: Posts that offer “knowledge and advice” are now given priority across the platform, resulting in a 40% increase in users engaging with such content from people outside their network.

How does LinkedIn identify “Knowledge and Advice”?

  • Relevance to a Specific Audience: LinkedIn considers whom the post is relevant to. It will be shown accordingly if it’s relevant to a niche audience, like your family or a B2B marketing community.
  • Author’s Expertise: LinkedIn evaluates the author’s expertise in the subject area they’re posting about.
  • Meaningful Comments: LinkedIn now values comments from professionals specializing in the topic instead of simply focusing on the number of comments. Engaging with comments on your post is also seen as a positive signal.
  • Unique Perspective: Posts with different perspectives and insights, rather than generic information, are favoured by LinkedIn’s AI classification system.

In essence, LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes quality over virality. It encourages users to share their perspectives with “knowledge & advice” rather than seeking mass appeal. The goal is to connect with the right people who will find the content relevant and valuable.

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