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Social Selling in 2023: The right balance between automation and human interaction

With the rise of AI and automation, LinkedIn has also been hit by a tsunami of communication that can quickly become painful to look at or receive.  “Is Social Selling still relevant in 2023?” is often a question I am asked by management, who continuously must prioritize which sales activities the organization should focus on.
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El valor de los líderes de pensamiento en tu organización

¿Tienes algún líder de pensamiento presente en tu organización? Los líderes de pensamiento pueden crear visibilidad para tu empresa, destacar la marca y aumentar la captación de clientes. Un líder de opinión o pensamiento es un individuo cuya experiencia en un área determinada es muy respetada y demandada por compañeros de trabajo, clientes, competidores e incluso personas externas. Son personas...
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The Hybrid B2B Sales Model

The old sales model has shifted into a hybrid approach where interactions are mainly done through different channels (like video, audio, phone, social media), the Hybrid B2B Sales Model.
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Virtuel Video Selling

The value of Video Selling

The environment and conditions for salespeople are constantly developing and changing. People and organizations are more geographically spread, and the use of digital remedies highly characterizes work methods – especially the importance of using videos has increased. This includes different video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Due to this, Video Selling has emerged and gained more...
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Strategic use of content for Social Selling

You can position yourself by sharing professional and relevant content on LinkedIn. One method is Social Selling, which is useful for getting new, relevant connections and building trust towards your network. If you are a regular reader of our articles, you probably know that Social Selling is a discipline that we care about. In this article, we review the importance...
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10 important things on your personal LinkedIn profile

A professional LinkedIn profile should thoroughly express who you are, your skills, competencies, and employment history. In this article, we present you with 10 important things to remember for appearing professional on your personal LinkedIn profile.
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Social Selling in Action – GLI Business Case

When did you last feel that one of your LinkedIn connections had a sincere interest in offering professional inspiration without an obvious motive? Could that actually be transformed into concrete actions within your company? Through enrichment, you can create strong connections and ambassadors in the market, and that’s when the Social Selling outcome takes place.
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The Sales Director’s Guide to LinkedIn

More and more Sales Directors are now using the Social Selling approach to strengthen relations with potential and existing customers on LinkedIn. Times have changed, and so has the sales model. This guide will provide you with an overview of the essential points to consider for a successful LinkedIn journey.
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The value of visible experts within your industry

Many companies wish to have visible experts, also known as thought leaders, present on LinkedIn. This both benefits the company, the employees’ brand, and contributes to better premises for a strong positioning. But how do you become a visible expert? What does it take, and how do you keep nurturing this position? In this article, we present you with the...
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