The environment and conditions for salespeople are constantly developing and changing. People and organizations are more geographically spread, and the use of digital remedies highly characterizes work methods – especially the importance of using videos has increased. This includes different video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Due to this, Video Selling has emerged and gained more interest as an alternative communication tool.

What is Video Selling?

Video Selling is a new way of capturing (hard-to-reach) customers’ attention in a professional and fresh way. It´s an alternative to written communication that still lets customers put a face on the salesperson. Video Selling is still categorized as one-to-one communication – it is just not live. With this method, salespeople record personalized videos of themselves to both potential and current customers – using their smartphone, computer, or other devices at hand.

In the videos, they speak directly to the customers addressing their individual needs and attending to their private business/matters. When the self-recorded video is completed, the salesperson then sends it to the given customer for them to easily open and view e.g. through a LinkedIn message.

Example of a personal video thumbnail:

The benefits of Video Selling

There are several benefits associated with Video Selling. First of all, everybody, and maybe especially salespeople, are busy from time to time and do not have the time to reply instantly over live chat. By communicating through video and thus avoiding live chat, the schedules of the salesperson and customer become less relevant, making the communication more flexible for both parties.

Secondly, recording a video might be less time consuming, once you are into it, than writing an email or other type of message. Furthermore, by recording a video, you will avoid embarrassing or unlucky typos and grammar mistakes, thus appear more professional. Thirdly, by maintaining one-to-one personal communication, authenticity is kept.

What makes it so effective?

Video Selling is effective because people do business with people and not entities. It is about focusing on how you and your team can create visibility, enrichment, and impactful messages. Additionally, keeping and being able to read facial expressions and body language is vital in building mutual trust and strong relationships. Thus, the feeling of a buying experience being automated or too anonymous is avoided, and the customer experience is improved through increased engagement.

Our experience, from training multiple clients in Video Selling, is very positive with better results than ever imagined. In some cases, we experienced a response rate of 65%, which is significant. Thus, we recommend and encourage your organization and salespeople to explore and incorporate Video Selling in your sales strategy – and experience the benefits of it on your own. Rethinking the way you do business is always a good idea in order to stay updated. 

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