The old sales model has shifted into a hybrid approach where interactions are mainly done through different channels (like video, audio, phone, social media), the Hybrid B2B Sales Model.

Some businesses will try to stick to the old commercial model. But the truth is that the new normal calls for greater goals. Companies will have to change their mindset and adapt and adjust their teams to a more digitalized sales approach. The relationship between buyer and sellers has to be exploited “by digitizing sales channels, building hybrid sales teams, and creating a true omnichannel experience for customers.”

The power of digital

According to a survey done by BCG, less than 50% of sales reps expect to “return to the office or resume traveling full time.”

Digitalization will be the leading edge for every B2B sales interaction from the initial inquiry and throughout the whole process, follow-up, and closing the deal. Sales and Marketing leaders will better understand the results and performance by analyzing data and using automation to improve B2B sales execution.

Physical sales meetings are not entirely dead. But while remote digital interactions will be the usual way, in-person meetings will have a more secondary role for the cases where these interactions will make sense and be strictly necessary.

Five steps to a successful Hybrid B2B Sales Approach

Betting for the hybrid sales model requires time and effort, but it will definitely make a difference for your organization. It takes reshaping processes, implementing new technology, and changing the mindset and allying of the Sales and Marketing departments. In order to undertake this process, you have to make it step by step by taking into account the following considerations:

  • Create an omnichannel relationship
  • Shift to a Hybrid Sales Approach
  • Increase Inside-Sales potential
  • Create a long-term Customer Relationship
  • Integration of Marketing and Sales Departments.

Implementation of the Hybrid B2B Sales Model

What we have learned in the last 2 years is that digital communication and interactions are key. The fact that digital has gained more power has also made the hybrid B2B sales model possible. This method is also more effective because it shortened distance and time regarding the customer’s relationship. Also, it made it possible to create a better customer experience. It is crucial to prioritize this method and empower it in the future. All organizations (small or big) should bet on the hybrid B2B sales model, invest in omnichannel, train their teams and create more effective and beneficial customer relationships.

But how to make a successful implementation of the sales model?

  • Establish a hybrid work model policy
  • What KPI’s are relevant for your organization?
  • Customer distribution (needs and value)
  • Simplify Customer Experience
  • Training is key
  • Foster a flexible mindset.

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