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The HR Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn

More and more companies are using LinkedIn for recruiting and employer branding, but it can be a jungle to navigate through the vast possibilities. This article will provide you with a complete guide on how HR Managers can use LinkedIn for a successful HR journey.
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The headhunter’s best tips for a good profile on LinkedIn

To get more in-depth insight into what headhunters look for when seeking candidates on LinkedIn, we interviewed CEO, Henrik Brabrand, of the executive search company Albright Partners A/S. Here you have his 5 best tips for a good profile on LinkedIn.
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How to be found by the headhunter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not “just” a platform for your online resume but also a platform for personal branding. LinkedIn is where we make ourselves visible to our network, partners, customers and perhaps our future workplace(s). In this article, we describe what headhunters look for on LinkedIn and what elements you should remember on your personal profile.  
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HR is the new marketing

Active employees represent a golden way for the company to create meaningful marketing. In this article, you will learn how your employees and how to work with employee advocacy can be beneficial.
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The value of active colleagues on social media

Everyone is talking about it right now; ‘Employee Advocacy.’ But what is it really? Why should we spend energy on it? And what is the value? You’ll get the answers in this article.
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Here’s why your employees should use LinkedIn actively

We’ve heard it before and it has also gradually become our mantra here at Digital Works: Companies can no longer survive without their colleagues’ efforts on LinkedIn – we need our colleagues to play an active role in the sharing of content, employer branding, as well as for sales and relationship management.
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The role of staff on LinkedIn

The staff or employees and colleagues, play a large role in the work towards achieving success on LinkedIn. However, it can lead to a number of uncertainties, thoughts and new challenges.
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