The HR Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn

More and more companies are using LinkedIn for recruiting and employer branding, but it can be a jungle to navigate through the vast possibilities. This article will provide you with a complete guide on how HR Managers can use LinkedIn for a successful HR journey.

Build your employer brand on LinkedIn

Numerous industries are struggling with ensuring that potential candidates have knowledge of one’s business and find the company an attractive workplace. This often requires efforts in several areas, including:

  • Use of the Company Page to share employer branding stories (many choose to establish a cooperation between communications & marketing)
  • Advertising to ensure that you target the suitable candidates
  • Internal efforts concerning amplification of posts
  • Some also choose to purchase LinkedIn Life.

Employee recruiting strategy

Recruitment via LinkedIn is many things: job postings, ensuring that relevant candidates see current job openings, and for some, also the use of sponsored messages to a group of people. According to LinkedIn´s data, more than 40 million people use the platform for a job search every week worldwide. Moreover, three people are hired on LinkedIn every minute. That is why it is essential to use your network and keep in touch with former colleagues or collaborators. They might be able to help you in the future when searching for new people. 

Job advertising

Job posts on LinkedIn can be made in different ways: for free (only one at a time) or by promoting it. For this reason, it is essential to establish, in this context, who your target candidates are. Are they active or passive job seekers? For example, you can post vacancies on your Company Page, where they will be immediately visible to those who follow your page. Naturally, the algorithms decide that 😊. If the job is posted from the Company Page, it is easy for colleagues to like and share the position with their network. You can promote employment and thereby have your posts shown under the ‘jobs’ tab.

Active search for relevant candidates

Many companies also choose to search for candidates on LinkedIn actively. With more than 766 million profiles, there is a sizable base to address. With the search options, you can quickly identify and filter profiles with specific skills, experience, and more. Some companies fill positions exclusively in this way. Others use the active approach as a supplement for the jobs that may be particularly difficult to fill. If diligent efforts are an integral part of the recruitment process, a company can consider purchasing LinkedIn’s Recruiter. It provides more possibilities than the free model.


For most companies, making an internal policy or a set of guidelines on how to use LinkedIn in your company makes sense. Such guidelines may, for example, cover particularities like:

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