Strategic use of content for Social Selling

By sharing professional and relevant content on LinkedIn, you can position yourself.

If you are a regular reader of our articles, you probably know that Social Selling is a discipline that we care about. In this article, we review the importance of strategic use of content for your Social Selling on LinkedIn.

Why share content?

If you are to succeed with the Social Selling discipline, it is important to create awareness and confidence in yourself as a professional person, as this helps to support interest, sales and loyalty from current as well as potential customers. By sharing relevant and valuable content, you can create awareness of yourself and give the receiver a positive impression of you, and thus indirectly your company. Therefore, the content you send, and share is crucial to your Social Selling efforts.

Use content strategically

The content you share contributes to the perception of you – think about how you can work strategically with the content you share and engage with. What image do you want to create? What skills do you want to show? And why should people, connect you with?

Enrich your network

There are many who creates “noise” on LinkedIn – and of course you should not contribute to that. Instead you should send, share and comment on content that creates enrichment among your network and connections. Enrichment is the ability to create a value that does not necessarily cost anything – it could be articles, studies, analyzes, tips, videos, or event invitations.

Therefore, you should:

  • Share enriching content (others as well as your own), have your target audience in mind and can create value for them.
  • Comment on and engage in posts, where you believe that your expertise can be showed off and is useful.
  • Consider whether the content should be shared with your entire network or if it is only relevant to a few of your connections. If that’s the case, a personal message is more useful.

Share different types of content

It can be your own, content from your company or a third source.

Share your own content

Are you used to writing content or do you have a dream to start doing so? You may want to write about your field of study, industry or make guides and advices. By writing LinkedIn articles, you can position yourself within a specific area, increase awareness of yourself (and your business) as well as highlight your skills.

Share content from your company

If your business produces content that is industry-relevant or relevant to your connections on LinkedIn, you may want to share this content from your own LinkedIn profile. Start by looking at your company’s Company Page – maybe there’s content of enriching quality that you can share right away.

Share someone else’s content
Do you often find a relevant article – maybe on LinkedIn, social media or somewhere else? Help enrich your connections by sharing the content further. And don’t worry – it’s allowed for as long as you’re loyal to the source.

Remember to assess whether the content should be shared with your entire network, shared in groups or to selected connections in your network.

Participate in groups

Groups on LinkedIn and other social media can be of great value – both for your own knowledge, position and personal brand, but also for the company you represent. In addition, LinkedIn has started to prioritize groups, which means that the conversations and dialogues in the groups fills more in the newsfeed compared to the past.

Therefore, you should find out which groups your potential customers are in, join them, and start enriching them, both in terms of sharing content and comments.

Networking and sharing knowledge
LinkedIn’s groups are good at sharing knowledge, discussing and networking. Many users seek specific answers in groups where content, individual users or members represent companies that can answer or help with industry-specific questions. Maybe you can answer some of the questions? This would signal that you have the ability to help them solve their challenges, which potentially could bring new customers in the future.

Positioning yourself

Many people use LinkedIn to search for answers, find products and services, but in addition, buyers are also researching in advance. Therefore, it may be beneficial for your Social Selling efforts to be represented where they seek their information. Therefore, take action in the groups you participate in and look for new potential groups you could take advantage of participating in. Share quality content, engage and show your expertise.

Search for possibilities

The insight into current and potential customers’ challenges and preferences requires a sincere interest as a commercial profile that wishes to succeed with Social Selling.

There are various tools that can help you find out what content your customers find relevant and engage with. As an example, you can use LinkedIn’s own searching tool or Buzzumo, which shows which content performs best on social media.

Use LinkedIn’s own searching tool to identify your audience needs and use these information’s to send them a private message (if you are connected) or respond directly to their content, which shows that you provide your expertise.

Tip: In order to do LinkedIn search on keywords or #, your language settings must be in English.

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