A new year means new LinkedIn Company Page tools. In an effort to help organizations and brands boost their organic promotion efforts and increase engagement with colleagues, LinkedIn is launching some new tools. In total, there are three tools, and they are: “My Company” tab, “Product Pages”, and “Stories”. Read this article and learn more about the new tools and if they are relevant for you. 

1. The “My Company” tab

Among the Company Page tools launched is the My Company tab, making it easier for organizations and brands to reach their employees and, thus, build advocacy. The tab includes two features:

  1. Recommend: Lets organizations and brands recommend content to their employees 
  2. Content Suggestions: Lets organization and brands suggest content for their employees to share

In relation hereto, LinkedIn has added a new feature to Analytics that allows organizations and brands to measure the result and outcome of the recommendations and content suggestions.  This new tool’s benefit is that it utilizes personal profiles, and in fact, according to LinkedIn, employees are 60% more likely to engage in posts from co-workers than other LinkedIn members and 14x more likely to share their organization’s Page content than that of another brand. 

Learn more about Employee Advocacy by reading How to succeed with Employee Advocacy

2. Product Pages

LinkedIn also added a new feature to their Product Pages tool. Product Pages lets organizations show all the products and services they offer in one place, and it is also possible to see other LinkedIn members’ reviews of these. However, the Company Page tool’s new feature is that LinkedIn has made it possible to use Lead Gen Forms for free on Product Pages, making it easier for interested members to submit a request for a product or service. By adding this feature, marketers can more easily gather new leads, which could open for many possibilities for audience segmentation, research, ad targeting, etc.

3. Stories (have been removed at the end of September 2021)

The third newly added Company Page tool is Stories for Company Pages. You might have heard about Stories before, but now organizations can post Stories from their Company Pages and add a “swipe-up” with an outgoing link. Like Stories on other platforms, LinkedIn also lets organizations view how many have seen their story and how many have swiped up. Thus, it is possible to track the Stories’ performance. Stories are especially beneficial for influencing brand perception through storytelling, sharing content, showcasing events, behind-the-scenes insights, etc.

This article was written with inspiration from Social Media Today.

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