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More than just a tweet

You probably know Twitter for its short messages with a 280-character limit – a so-called tweet. Twitter is now exploring the opportunity of writing longer posts on its platform. The tech company is testing a new feature called the Twitter Note. The new feature allows users on Twitter to write up to 2500 words in one single post. According to...
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Make your LinkedIn feed more interesting

Do you ever feel like your LinkedIn feed is drowning in irrelevant content that doesn’t add value and productivity for you? LinkedIn is now introducing new features that will give you a more personalized and relevant experience when you scroll through your feed.
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How to create a newsletter from your LinkedIn Page

Since the beginning of March, you can create a newsletter on LinkedIn from a Page or as an individual (if you have chosen the Creator Mode). Newsletters can be created and sent from all pages: Showcase-, Product-, or Service Pages. If you create a newsletter from a subpage (e.g., Showcase Pages), the newsletter won’t be linked to the Company Page.
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What is a product tab on LinkedIn?

The ‘Products’ tab on LinkedIn is back. LinkedIn has launched a new tab for Company Pages. This will create a specific space for businesses to showcase their products and highlight relevant features on LinkedIn.
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The complete guide for a SoMe-policy

Having a SoMe-policy in your company is a good way to ensure that your employees behave appropriately on the different SoMe channels. This article presents you with a useful guide on designing a SoMe-policy across your channels.
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Guide to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos

Videos on LinkedIn are prominent to increase visibility and organic reach. However, there is one essential matter with the format that one needs to be aware of. Many LinkedIn users watch videos (85%) without audio. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to add subtitles to your videos. This article will provide you with an easy way to add subtitles to...
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Free Visual Content Creation Tools

The visual universe has become more significant and, at the same time, more important for capturing users’ attention on SoMe. In this article, you will get wiser on which free visual content creation tools can help improve your visibility.
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What are LinkedIn polls?

I am delighted that LinkedIn has again added polls as a possible post option after many years of absence. Creating a poll post has many options and a great potential for involvement.
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LinkedIn Algorithm – How does it work?

LinkedIn is a great place to get your content seen by a broader audience, but what should you consider to maximize your future personal post-exposure? One question I constantly get when I’m working with clients, both physically and virtually, is: How does the LinkedIn algorithm actually work? There is no easy answer to this question, surprise!
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LinkedIn news: New Company Page tools

A new year means new LinkedIn Company Page tools. In an effort to help organizations and brands boost their organic promotion efforts and increase engagement with colleagues, LinkedIn is launching some new tools. In total, there are three tools, and they are: “My Company” tab, “Product Pages”, and “Stories”. Read this article and learn more about the new tools and...
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