LinkedIn introduces messaging for Company Pages

LinkedIn has just rolled out a new feature that allows members to send messages directly to Company Pages.

This feature allows LinkedIn members to communicate directly with the page admins. This will facilitate inquiries about different aspects of your business, including products, services or job opportunities listed on the page.

Considerations for sending messages for Company Pages

To make the most of this feature, creating specific and detailed messages is recommended. Users are encouraged to focus on the conversation topics highlighted by the Company Page, whether it’s seeking information about a product, service or about job openings within the company.

Responses to messages sent to Company Page admins will appear in the user’s LinkedIn inbox. Users also have the option to mute the conversation if they wish to stop receiving notifications for messages from a particular Company Page.


Users must be aware that once a message is sent to a Page admin, they may retain a copy for their purposes. Additionally, Page admins may leverage third-party service providers to manage member messages, potentially involving messaging applications and customer service tools. As part of these integrations, copies of messages and related profile information may be shared with these service providers.

For this reason, LinkedIn advises users to be aware of this and avoid including sensitive or confidential data in their messages to Company Pages. If users have questions or require more information, they can contact the Page admin directly.

As LinkedIn continues to roll out this feature to all Company Pages, members can look forward to more streamlined and direct communication with the businesses and organizations they follow on the platform.

Source: LinkedIn.

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