This is how your AI generated content becomes more human

If you use artificial intelligence to contribute to content production, especially articles and SEO-optimized content, keep in mind that Google, for example, prioritizes high-quality content.

Remember, if your AI-generated content is informative, engaging, and useful, then you’re on the right track. AI is a powerful tool that can enhance the quality of your content.

However, it is often a challenge for AI to create content that sounds human.

Here follows a list of 9 simple measures so that you can add a human touch to your content when using specific AI tools like, e.g. ChatGPT, Gemini, or Copilot.

  • Explain complex topics with clear and descriptive examples
  • Start by identifying your readers’ problem and what they want to achieve by reading your content
  • Mix formal and casual language to create a natural and engaging style
  • Are you a local business? Refer to the culture or phrases to create associations in the reader
  • Mention your company name strategically throughout the content
  • Use real stories or scenarios to illustrate complex concepts
  • Mix short and long sentences to keep your language dynamic and engaging
  • Create content that resonates with the background of your target audience
  • Remember to add your personal touch, especially when sharing company stories or customer experiences.

These simple prompts can help humanize your future AI content.

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