LinkedIn’s numbers are still growing

LinkedIn continues to consolidate its position as the number one platform for professional networking.  

Let’s look deeper into this growth journey:

  • Starting in October 2018, a remarkable journey began with a 34% surge in session growth 
  • From 2019 to 2023, LinkedIn consistently reported impressive user session and engagement growth, showcasing its user retention and attraction
  • In January 2024  LinkedIn saw session growth climb another 12%, affirming the platform’s ongoing trend of setting engagement records.

Several factors contribute to LinkedIn’s success. It has created a solid professional community for 1 billion members in more than 200 countries that allows users to connect with a broader range of professionals and maintain valuable interactions and discussions.

LinkedIn hasn’t provided specific data, though alternative indicators offer insights into the platform’s success and increased user engagement:

  • a continuously expanding user base 
  • increased content creation
  • active discussions on industry trends
  • rise in job postings.

Beyond engagement, LinkedIn also shows an overall revenue growth of 10%.

What will the future bring?

The future appears bright for LinkedIn. Continued user growth, together with the platform’s ability to create and foster meaningful connections and engagement, suggests a journey of sustained success. LinkedIn is well-positioned to remain at the forefront as the professional landscape evolves, providing valuable tools and resources for professionals worldwide.

Sources: Microsoft & LinkedIn.

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