Make your LinkedIn feed more interesting

Do you ever feel like your LinkedIn feed is drowning in irrelevant content that doesn’t add value and productivity for you? LinkedIn is now introducing new features that will give you a more personalized and relevant experience when you scroll through your feed.

What are your interests? 

To get a more personalized LinkedIn feed, you must inform LinkedIn when the platform presents you with content that is not relevant to you. Label the content as irrelevant by clicking on the three dots in the post’s top corner and then clicking on “I don’t want to see this.” After this, you can specify why you don’t like the content. Are you not interested in seeing more content from this person, or does the post’s topic not interest you? This way can indicate your interests and personalize your LinkedIn feed to your preferences. 

LinkedIn is also testing how it can modify its platform based on the unique information they have on each of its users. The goal is to create a unique and personalized experience for all their users based on their interests. 

Keep the discussions professional in your LinkedIn feed

According to LinkedIn, users have a higher demand for content that facilitates professional debate. This contributes to growth and development in the users’ professional work lives. LinkedIn promotes professional debate by showing:

  1. More content from your network: If you keep your network updated and relevant, LinkedIn shows you more targeted activity from your network. In this way, you will also be more likely to engage with the posts from your feed. 
  2. Insights from people outside your network: Based on your interest, LinkedIn will expose you to more people who could be relevant to you, such as thought leaders, industry experts, and content creators who talk about topics that are relevant for your career path and everyday work life. 

Put the politics aside

Would you like to see a less political debate in your LinkedIn feed? Very soon, LinkedIn will present a solution to this. LinkedIn is testing a new feature that reduces the amount of political content in your feed. According to LinkedIn, This feature has been requested by their users for a while. Currently, this feature is only being tested in the USA, but LinkedIn is aiming to launch the feature in more countries. 

More updates from LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants to create a more authentic and user-friendly platform for each user. To achieve this, LinkedIn takes the following three actions:

  • LinkedIn wants to reduce the number of posts that directly encourage the users to engage, such as likes and other reactions. LinkedIn categorizes this type of content as low-quality content. LinkedIn encourages its users to engage with more authentic and trustworthy content instead. 
  • To ensure constructive debates, LinkedIn has decided to invest in talents, tools, and technologies that promote a feed that adds more value to your professional profile. According to LinkedIn, this will create a more safe and constructive experience for the user.
  • Last but not least, LinkedIn will reduce your exposure to polls from members you don’t know. The goal of this action is that the users will only see polls from relevant people and polls relevant to their everyday work life. 

Source: LinkedIn Blog (2022).

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