You probably know Twitter for its short messages with a 280-character limit – a so-called tweet. Twitter is now exploring the opportunity of writing longer posts on its platform. The tech company is testing a new feature called the Twitter Note. The new feature allows users on Twitter to write up to 2500 words in one single post. According to Twitter, the Twitter Note aims to give its users a better experience on the platform. 

Requested for years

The Twitter Note gives the users access to a bunch of new features. Besides the new limit on 2500 words, Twitter’s users can now create a 100-character headline and add several pictures, videos, and GIFs to the Twitter Note.

Unlike the well-known tweets, each Twitter Note will have a unique URL. This means that everyone will have access to read the notes, whether they have a Twitter account or not. 

Furthermore, Twitter is now introducing the edit feature to the Twitter Note. It will now be possible to edit your Twitter Note after publication. This feature has never been available on Twitter before; therefore, it has been mentioned as the most requested feature for years.  

Still testing the Twitter Note

The Twitter Note is not fully implemented on the platform yet. Since June 22nd, Twitter has tested the feature for a limited group of users in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Ghana. Users from these countries can now write, retweet, share and interact with Twitter Notes just like a regular tweet. 

Depending on how the users evaluate the new feature, Twitter plans to introduce the Twitter Note to a broader audience.  

Sources: The Economic Times, Pocket-lint, Hootsuite.

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