When we talk about online marketing today, we tend to focus on social media, but that doesn’t mean email marketing is less valuable. Several surveys are saying the opposite. According to Emarsys, more than 81% of all small & medium-sized businesses use email as their primary communication channel for customer enlistment and 80% for customer maintenance. 

Research (Emarsys) shows that email marketing performs better than organic search, paid search, and social media regarding customer enlistment and maintenance. That doesn’t mean you should exclude social media, SEO, and paid ads from your marketing strategy. But if you wish to reach out directly to your customers and potential customers, then email marketing might be the answer to your prayers. 

Are your customers using email?

Statista (2021) predicts that 4,3 billion people will use email in 2022. And in 2025, the number will increase to 4,6 billion. That means that more than half of the total population of the world will use email. In other words, email marketing has significant potential as a marketing tool.

Furthermore, Statista (2021) points out a daily email distribution on 333,2 billion emails worldwide – a number that will increase to 375 billion emails per day in 2025. According to Statista, email marketing continues to grow and should be considered a vital element of your marketing profile. 

With these numbers in mind, it is difficult to ignore the potential that email marketing has. In other words, if your customers use email, so should you. 

Create relations and stay in touch through newsletters

A newsletter is an excellent way to get in touch with your customers. By sending out a newsletter, you keep your customers informed, and you can create content based on their needs and interests. Therefore you must understand your customers’ interests, so your newsletter won’t be perceived as spam. 

It is also a good idea to determine how often you want to send your newsletter. We advise against publishing your newsletter if you don’t have anything interesting and enriching to share. Studies (Campaign Monitor) show that 61% would like to receive news from their favorite brands once a week. It is therefore essential to stay in touch with your customers by sharing enriching content with them regularly.

Strong return on investment

Compared to other marketing tools like ads on Google or social media, it is much cheaper to do email marketing. You can measure the investment of your email campaign in the time spent producing, sending, and analyzing your newsletter. Furthermore, remember that most online platforms for newsletters are very cheap or even free, for example, MailChimp. 

You can achieve a high return through email marketing because the receiver of your newsletter has already indicated an interest in your product or service. If you succeed in creating targeted content that creates value for your audience, you will increase your chances of making a sale. 

According to a study by Litmus (2021), you can achieve an average return of 36$ every time you invest 1$ in your newsletter. You receive a higher return on investment through email marketing compared to other marketing activities. In other words, your newsletter adds excellent value to your company.

Learn more about how you can calculate your Return on Investment here.

Sources: Litmus, Emarsys, Oberlo, Campaign Monitor, Statista.

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