Guide to creating a strong personal brand 

How to develop your brand strategy?

To build a solid personal brand, you need a strong branding strategy to help you be an expert in your industry. A plan to grow your brand is essential; growth and success for your business also come with that. 

But how to create a solid personal brand? That won´t happen overnight; if you stay focused on your goals and work hard, you will achieve it.

Growing your brand will require you to know the following:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How are you going to reach them?
  • Why them?
  • Your personal branding manifest.

While building your personal brand, you continue using these questions and testing what works and what doesn´t, but you will surely notice your brand growing. You will learn how to approach your correct target audience, which will attract more people by recommending you; word-to-mouth works here, especially in a small city or limited industry.

Your focus must be on positioning yourself as an expert. That´s when your brand begins to align itself. Also, make sure you have a professional online presence.

Here you have the most important steps you must follow to create a strong personal brand:

Define your personal brand

First, you must know what you do and how you do it to be able to explain it to others. The clearer you are on your passion and skills, the easier it will be for you to create your own brand and “sell” it to others.

1.Establish the values for your business

Branding your business according to your core values will help you create a more aligned brand, making it easier for your audience to recognize it.

Depending on what problems you want to solve will define and establish your core values.

2. Create your business proposal

Your business proposal is what you offer to your customers (existing and potential) that distinguishes you from your competitors. This is an excellent opportunity to search for your competitors and make your own competitor analysis of what they offer. Try to find similar products or services to yours and ask yourself how you can provide better outcomes than them.

3. Identify your potential customer

After creating your proposal, you will have to identify your potential customers. Who is your target audience, and who will be interested in your product/ service? When you establish this, remember that you are searching for decision-makers who are also most likely to buy from your business.

To find your ideal customer, ask your target audience these 3 core branding questions:

  • What product/service do you need?
  • What is the value of that proposal for you? 
  • How can I help you?

You can address them through So-Me, set up a poll, or send them surveys through email marketing. This is a way of getting into a conversation and building a relationship of trust with your customers.

4. Create value through your products and services

To create a powerful brand, you should offer no more than three main products or services. You can also have variations of those products or sub-services, but offering more than three main products or services will create a brand that will confuse your ideal client.

It´s like going to a sushi restaurant and being offered a pizza on the menu. It is better to be an expert in a few products than average in many.

5. Create your own content strategy

Having a content strategy and creating relevant content for your target audience is very important. You can share knowledge and insights or promote your brand, but ensure your content offers a relevant solution for your potential customers.

The key to building a strong personal brand is to create content that provides real value for your target audience so that you develop a relationship of trust even though they don´t know you personally.

6. Be an influencer in your area of expertise

Through your branding strategy, your aim should be to position yourself as an influencer in your area of expertise. The more your content plan focuses on your expertise; the more your ideal client will feel identified with your personal brand and the more they will want to buy your service or product.

Becoming an expert in your industry will not only help you to grow your brand, but it will also lead to more sales that will help you grow your business. 

7. Ready to start your branding journey

Though there is much to build a brand with which your ideal client will resonate, a strong personal brand strategy will make the process easier. You will want to be consistent in creating content and engaging with your online audience, but consistency will help you build a brand that will lead to more sales.  

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