It is no secret that there has been a rapid increase in the demand for B2B video content. Videos generate much more engagement compared to other types of content. Furthermore, video is also a way to generate more traffic to your website. 

Did you know that:

  • 73% of B2B businesses say video positively impacts ROI (Tubular insights survey)
  • Online ad spend has surpassed TV ad spending since 2017
  • Companies with quality videos on their landing pages are far more likely to convert a potential customer.

Create a closer connection with your customers

Decision-makers use video content to research a product or a business. Use videos to create a closer connection with your customers. For example, create a behind-the-scenes video where your followers can gain unique and authentic insight into your organization while getting to know your employees, office, or production.

 Furthermore, you can create a closer bond with your customers by producing videos that appeal to their emotions. Is your company involved in a charity event, or do you cooperate with a non-profit organization? In this case, creating video content that focuses on your more soft values and establishes a more emotional bond with your customers is a no-brainer.

Present your product or service

As mentioned before, many decision-makers use video as a tool to research a product or service before they reach out. Therefore, there is no doubt that video is a great tool to present and explain your product while ensuring the customer that your product can solve the problem or need that the customer is facing. Furthermore, you can incorporate problem-solving into your videos by creating simple how-to videos or showing how your product or service quickly solved a daily life issue.

And who can present your product better than you? The answer is – A happy customer. Collecting testimonials from previous customers will make you appear more trustworthy and authentic. Your potential customers will identify with another customer and gain more trust in your product.

Think before recording

Before you start recording a video, consider a few things. Firstly, it is very important that you consider how your videos can be valuable and relevant to your customers. It is also essential to create quality videos that appear professional. Create a plan before you press record, and ask yourself what the purpose of this video is and what you are going to say. 

Secondly, consider where you want to publish the video. Can some videos be re-used on different platforms? For example, you could take a video created for social media and also use it on your landing page. At Digital Works we do that often. You could also use customer testimonials on the website and send them to prospects as part of a proposal.

Source: Gigantic.

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