This article will explore what we think we can expect from LinkedIn in 2023. Of course, it is impossible to predict the future but based on our many years of experience with LinkedIn, our predictions look like this:

More video

We believe that video will still big, also this year. Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has significantly increased the amount of video consumed on its platform. We expect this increase to continue in 2023, and therefore we think users will invest more in video formats this year.

We expect LinkedIn to further develop its video tools and focus more on online events in Zoom-like video rooms. In this way, LinkedIn can facilitate online meetings and conferences. Furthermore, we predict more focus on live streams where LinkedIn’s users can meet and discuss relevant topics. Suppose LinkedIn can create a more advanced video platform that facilitates online events and live streams. In that case, LinkedIn will become a crucial tool for many businesses that will end up using the platform more. 

Video content receives higher engagement than other formats posted on LinkedIn; therefore, it makes good sense for LinkedIn to invest in a more advanced video format in 2023. We may even see a new tab only dedicated to video content, like the reels on Facebook or Instagram.

More audio

Along similar lines, LinkedIn will likely invest more in the audio format. LinkedIn has been developing audio rooms that facilitate events and meetings for the past year – especially within niche content.

We believe to soon see these audio rooms also in LinkedIn groups. The overall theme of the group will determine what topics will be discussed in the audio meetings. In this way, the users of LinkedIn can meet like-minded people and discuss common interests. 

Feed makeover

Finally, LinkedIn may do a makeover of its feed. LinkedIn hasn’t changed its appearance in a while, and as a result of the increasing interest in audio and video, we predict a new feed design that highlights these types of content more. An example of this could be a full-screen format which makes it easier for the users to access, watch and engage with videos. 

Furthermore, it is not unlikely that Linkedin will introduce features such as LinkedIn Tv or LinkedIn Podcast to their platform. 

We are looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings.

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