Larisa Stangaciu

LinkedIn’s AI-powered writing tool for posts

LinkedIn has launched an AI-powered writing tool to help you create a first draft for your post. The AI-powered writing tool will help you create a teaser for a post by transforming your ideas on a specific topic into a first draft. The more details you provide, the better your draft will be. LinkedIn will ask you to brainstorm in...
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No le tengas miedo al ChatGPT

Durante los últimos meses, ChatGPT ha sido motivo de polémica y debate en todo el mundo. Muchos de los debates en las redes y en los medios de comunicación han sido, en mi opinión, oportunidades vs. el miedo a la novedad o simplemente desconocimiento. Me gustaría compartir mis reflexiones con vosotros. ChatGPT debe verse (en mi opinión) como una herramienta...
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Guide to creating a strong personal brand 

How to develop your brand strategy? To build a solid personal brand, you need a strong branding strategy to help you be an expert in your industry. A plan to grow your brand is essential; growth and success for your business also come with that.  But how to create a solid personal brand? That won´t happen overnight; if you stay...
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How to create a newsletter from your LinkedIn Page

Since the beginning of March, you can create a newsletter on LinkedIn from a Page or as an individual (if you have chosen the Creator Mode). Newsletters can be created and sent from all pages: Showcase-, Product-, or Service Pages. If you create a newsletter from a subpage (e.g., Showcase Pages), the newsletter won’t be linked to the Company Page.
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Guide to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos

Videos on LinkedIn are prominent to increase visibility and organic reach. However, there is one essential matter with the format that one needs to be aware of. Many LinkedIn users watch videos (85%) without audio. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to add subtitles to your videos. This article will provide you with an easy way to add subtitles to...
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8 tips for a successful SEO optimization

Successful SEO optimization requires a good “partnership” with Google. But how do you build this “partnership”? Although Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithms, there are some fundamental elements that you should be aware of to improve your SEO. In this article, we will provide you eight essential tips so that you improve your SEO optimization.
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New Features on LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn is constantly changing and updating its features and functionalities. In this article we will show the new functions as for 2021.
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What is a LinkedIn cover story?

The most exciting part about each and every LinkedIn member is related to the journey behind each profile. We are different; we have different skills and goals, different ways of approaching potential or existing customers, or hiring managers. Through this new feature, the LinkedIn cover story, you can record a short video (max. 30 seconds) where you can share your...
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