The most exciting part about each and every LinkedIn member is related to the journey behind each profile. We are different; we have different skills and goals, different ways of approaching potential or existing customers, or hiring managers. Through this new feature, the LinkedIn cover story, you can record a short video (max. 30 seconds) where you can share your experience, knowledge, ideas, and aspirations in an original, fun, and brief way. 

What can you use the LinkedIn cover story for?

The LinkedIn cover story is not substituting for a great LinkedIn profile, but it can help you connect with the right people by sending a call to action message and also:

Share your expertise – What are you doing, why you can be interesting for me. You can talk about your objectives and goals and present your product and/or skills to search for a business opportunity.

Grow your network – Present your personal brand. You can attract potential customers by talking about the value you provide.

Find your next job – talk about your experience. You can introduce yourself to hiring managers and HR departments by sharing your objectives, showing your personality, and evidencing your communication skills.

According to a US survey, almost 80% of recruiters believe it helps watch a pre-recorded video of the candidates.

How does the cover story work?

You can either film it on your mobile device or tablet directly in the LinkedIn app. Another option is to record a video and upload it from your phone/tablet. You can´t do it from a desktop.

Once you add a cover story, an orange circle will appear around your profile picture. A muted preview of your video will play silently within your profile picture frame. The LinkedIn cover story can also be viewed from a desktop, being different from a regular story in this sense. As a default, it will only be seen by your 1st degree connections, but you can change your settings and have it visible for your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections too.

If you want to see how some of us at Digital Works did, visit the following LinkedIn profiles: Nicolai and Larisa.

Record your cover story and make your profile more attractive!

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