I am delighted that LinkedIn has again added polls as a possible post option after many years of absence. Creating a poll post has many options and a great potential for involvement.

What is a LinkedIn poll?

With a poll, you can ask LinkedIn members a question and give them up to four answer options so they can cast their vote quickly and easily. For example, it could be a question to gain more insights into people’s attitudes and opinions on current topics. You always have the opportunity to see who has voted and what they have voted for. However, remember not to ask personal questions, such as political or health questions. Also, remember that a poll question is limited to a maximum of 140 characters, and every option is limited to 30 characters.

How do I create a poll on LinkedIn?

You can create both a poll from your personal profile and your Company Page. To create a poll from your profile, press “Start a post.” Here a new window opens, where at the bottom of the window, you have the option “Create a poll.” When you press “Create a poll,” a new window will open where you can ask your question, enter your answer options, and select a duration. I personally recommend 4 answer options and that you set the period to 2 weeks to increase the possibility for more answers.

This is how it looks:

Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

To create a poll from your Company Page, you can find the option of the poll already located on the front page, i.e., just below the “Start a post” box. Therefore, press the “Poll” button, and the window shown above will open.


  • Your vote will be visible to the author of the poll (i.e., the person or organization who posts the poll). In the case of a Company Page, your vote is visible to admins of that page.
  • A LinkedIn poll can’t be edited once it’s created. You can only delete it.

A concrete example

I have tried the poll format several times and have only experienced positive engagement. Among other things, I did the following poll, where I asked other users about the launch of the new LinkedIn design back in October 2020. The results of my poll looked like this:

Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

I hope you have the courage to try to create a poll. Good luck with your future poll posts!

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