What is a product tab on LinkedIn?

The ‘Products’ tab on LinkedIn is back. LinkedIn has launched a new tab for Company Pages. This will create a specific space for businesses to showcase their products and highlight relevant features on LinkedIn.

How will your product listing be displayed?

As you can see in the image below, the ‘Products’ tab will be visible within your LinkedIn Company Page. Moreover, it will feature a listing of products offered by your organization. In addition, the tab will open either in alphabetical order of your products. If you have several pages, you will see a listing – otherwise, your single main Product Page.

What is a Product Page?

LinkedIn Product Pages allow organizations to highlight their products on LinkedIn. Moreover, as a LinkedIn Page admin, you can create up to 35 Product Pages to showcase your organization’s products on your Page’s Product tab. However, the tab only appears for members if you’ve created one or more Product Pages.

Important: According to LinkedIn, “Product Pages are currently only available for B2B software and are gradually rolling out to other product areas.”

In conclusion, LinkedIn´s purpose is to create a reliable network for product offerings, different from services or business divisions (instead of using a Showcase page).

LinkedIn ‘Products’ tab

Once you have your ‘Products’ tab and a listing of your available products, you can then add product logos, descriptions, visuals, and a presentation of existing customers/followers for each.

In addition, you can also add a CALL TO ACTION (download, learn more, try now, etc.), together with a website link, to redirect direct traffic from your product showcase.

Once you’ve filled in all the data, your product listing will be ready to go live.

Example of Products listings:

Variety of choice

It’s a very interesting option from LinkedIn to provide a more global opportunity for businesses to advertise their products on the platform. However, as you might already know, LinkedIn has had Showcase pages, in addition to Company Pages, for years, which provides another way to display the different divisions within your company. To sum up, in the image below, you can see the differences between Company-, Showcase-, and Product Page:

Source: LinkedIn Product Pages

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