4 steps to generate more leads on LinkedIn

With the right approach, you can convert your connections into leads and position yourself in the consciousness of your connections. In this article, we give you 4 steps to convert your LinkedIn connections into qualified leads.

1. Build your network strategically

The classic strategy when you start using LinkedIn is to make as many connections as possible while focusing on quantity over quality. This approach will not be effective in generating new leads. Rather than sending out invitations to everyone, it is a good idea to search for connections based on specific keywords that are relevant to your business. Look through the profiles and select those that look the most interesting.

When you make your search, it is a good idea to sort by people in the second degree of your network. That way, you always have a common connection to the people you find, which is a good approach.

Remember that the most important part of the process is to establish a relationship. Therefore, connect only with people for whom you have a purpose and to whom you will commit yourself – otherwise, the effort is wasted.

2. Focus on them – not just yourself

In the effort to create a good work-related relationship, it’s really a bad idea to start the dialogue with a sales pitch. So you might as well forget all about that kind of approach. People do not connect with you on LinkedIn because they want to buy something from you. People connect with you because of the expectation that the relationship will be beneficial for them – not the other way around.

The relationship can potentially result in a sale, but it requires that you first convince your new connection of your worth. Therefore, it will take you far to focus on them and their needs, rather than focusing on yourself. Take your time to examine their business and compliment their results – a compliment is a highly effective way to start a dialogue and build a relationship.

3. Stay top of mind

Not everyone you connect with needs your product or service right here and now, but if you manage to build up your network with relevant people, there will probably come a time when someone in your network suddenly needs someone like you. Again: It’s all about building relationships so that you or the company you represent are top of mind with your connections/leads.

This will help you to ensure that when the need arises, your connections will contact you, rather than one of your competitors. There are different ways in which you can draw attention to yourself on LinkedIn:

Send regular enrichment
Well planned and targeted messages can take you a long way in building relationships on LinkedIn and keep you top of mind with your connections. Conversely, it does not help to spam your connections with unimportant messages. Focus on enriching content, such as interesting articles, studies or news in your common field. In that way, you are making yourself important as well as showing an interest – because the relationship matters.

Make updates
With continuous updates, you create a picture of yourself and your company as experts in your field, as well ensure that you are regularly visible in the news feed of your connections. You can schedule updates when you come across relevant content with a tool like Buffer.

What type of content should you post? It’s a good idea to mix your own content with others’ content to show that you are well integrated into your field.

Use LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn Pulse gives you an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field by creating relevant blog posts. This kind of publication has the advantage of appearing as LinkedIn notifications in your network, which gives blog posts many more views, comments, and shares as compared to regular updates. In addition, blog posts give your connections a feeling for your professional abilities.

People prefer to do business with people they know and trust, so the better your connection knows you, the greater the chance that your LinkedIn connection turns into a sale.

4. Go for it

It can’t be said enough: effective networking on LinkedIn is all about building relationships! It’s about presenting and demonstrating your professionalism, so you appear credible and as an expert in your field. When you follow the above advice, by starting the dialogue based on building relationships, you will at some point get the opportunity to draw focus to what you can offer.

If you followed the proper process, your connection will not feel offended by your offer to help. However, keep focusing on creating value for them, not on how good you and your company are.

Valuable relationships on LinkedIn are not created from one day to the next, but if you have patience and dedication, the wait will be worth it and the result will be a great outcome personally, professionally and financially.

Do you have any tips for generating leads on LinkedIn?

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