LinkedIn plays a major role in your meetings

Today’s requirements for professional meetings in the B2B market are undergoing rapid development. The time that both a potential or existing client has is extremely limited. I plan for my meetings to last approximately 45 minutes (although 60 minutes is often set aside), but by the time we drink coffee and pleasantries are exchanged, time is nearly up.

If I don’t, in 45 minutes, enrich the client, present a solution to a problem that needs to be resolved, and at the same time create confidence that Digital Works is the ideal supplier to choose, the meeting can well be perceived as a waste of time.

Use LinkedIn to prepare for meetings

Preparation and insight are the keys to success in your meetings, and this is where LinkedIn plays a major role.

By using LinkedIn, for example, you can have the following prepared before your meeting:

  1. Look at the personal profile of the person(s) you are meeting with. What information can possibly be used in the meeting?: for example, where the person has previously worked, shared connections, perhaps you can see their private interests. And NO, it is not wrong to look at their profile (so that they can see it), and it simply means that you are being thorough in your preparation.
  2. Are the any shared connections that you know well and can consult prior to the meeting?
  3. Which groups or companies are they interested in?
  4. Look at the Company Page they they are associated with. Perhaps you know others in the same company.
  5. Are there any influencers that they follow that you can use in your dialogue if the opportunity presents itself? I personally follow Jack Welch, among others, and I sometimes use my knowledge about his cash management philosophy in my meetings, where applicable of course.
  6. Use LinkedIn Channels as sources of enrichment. You can find articles and reports in all topic areas, from leadership to health. Decide whether there are any that could be used in connection with the meeting.

In short, use LinkedIn to bring quality back to your meetings.