Tips to create activity on your Company Page

With more than 570 million users globally, LinkedIn is a popular platform for many companies both in relation to marketing, positioning, sales, recruitment and employer branding. But how do you get through all the noise and create activity on your Company Page?

In this article, we give you 10 tips to create more engagement on your Company Page. 

We always suggest that before you start working professionally with LinkedIn, you should clarify what you want to achieve with your presence. Without a clear goal, it will be difficult to measure the success of your efforts as well as assess whether you need improvements.

When you have a clear goal and objective for your company on LinkedIn, you can start working with the concrete possibilities for optimizing your presence and creating activity on your Company Page.

1. Engage your colleagues

One of our best tips to increase engagement on your Company Page is to involve your colleagues. Did you know that employees are 70 % more likely to share your company’s content on LinkedIn? Why not make use of that?

Co-workers can be an invaluable factor in creating visibility and spreading a company’s message. Remember that every single like, share or comment creates a history in their network. Of course, you cannot force your colleagues to share content, but you can go a long way with encouragement and knowledge.

A tip for involving your colleagues is to explain to them the value of sharing content from their personal profiles or give them feedback on increased engagement, for example, in the form of applications to a vacant job they shared from their personal profiles.

Learn more about the role of staff on LinkedIn in this article.

2. Promote your Company Page through other media

Promote your presence on LinkedIn and create attention other places where you have already made connections with relevant people e.g. in your newsletter, on other social media, over the phone or in face-to-face meetings and other arrangements or events.

With this, you ensure that you are getting relevant people to follow your Company Page. And, as long as you remember to post enriching and valuable content, you can easily encourage people to stay up-to-date by following your page.

3. Post enriching content

This leads us to tip number 3, which is all about the content you post from your Company Page. If you want engagement, it surely makes sense to focus on enrichment and valuable content. Who would bother sharing your company’s update if it was an obvious advertisement for a product or service?

People will share content that is relevant and creates value for their network – either in the form of articles, good advice, insights or job posts.

4. Plan your efforts

For many companies, it can be a good idea to create a content calendar so that updates are planned in advance. It can be helpful in order to produce your own content on a regular basis, plan the use of curated content, and at the same time ensure that there will be continual updates from your page. Many companies already have a lot of good content on their websites, such as articles or research, so it is just a matter of getting started.

Important – remember to set aside time to adjust the company’s content calendar on a regular basis. Remember to make space for job announcements and other updates that cannot always be planned ahead of time. And, be careful with setting up automatic updates – there are countless examples of businesses that have made mistakes with these.

5. Sponsor selected content

Select your best content and sponsor it from your Company Page. It could be an article, which supports your positioning, or a press release with news that is important for you to get out to as many as possible. You can also sponsor a job post.

LinkedIn has a number of possibilities and filters that you can use when you want to target your sponsored updates. You can segment by industry, age, company size, seniority, geographical location, and specific skills, to name a few.

Read more about sponsored updates on LinkedIn here.

You also have the opportunity to create “dark posts” on LinkedIn – the so-called Direct Sponsored Content. Learn more in this article.

6. Avoid “Hyper Targeting”

In relation to the tip above, we should stress that when targeting updates (both sponsored and otherwise), you should be careful not to set too many criteria, and therefore risk excluding relevant people.

For example, we advise against using the function Title when targeting your update – remember that LinkedIn only has the information that users input themselves, and titles can be a difficult area to navigate on LinkedIn. So, avoid hyper-targeting – it is better to aim a little too broad than to be too narrow in your segmentation.

7. Have a clear Call-to-Action in your updates

Make it clear in your updates what you want people to do. Should they click on a link, apply for a position or buy a product?

Research shows that updates with links lead to greater engagement than those without. This also applies to pictures and other visual content.

8. Remember visual content

For social media in general, pictures and video increases engagement.

We recommend that you always upload a picture for every update on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can also choose a picture for you if you insert a link in your update, but it is not always the optimal choice for you. Often it looks better if you choose your own picture and upload it manually. All you have to do is click on the little Upload icon that appears when you hold the mouse over the empty picture on your update before you posts it.

9. Post during the weekend too

Test different times and weekdays for your updates and find out what works best for you.

As LinkedIn is mainly used in a professional matter there is less activity during the weekends, but this also means less noise. So perhaps weekends could be a good time for you to post?

10. Measuring and monitoring

Of course, our last tip is to continuously monitor and analyze your company’s presence. Scroll up to the top of this article and remind yourself what the primary purpose was for you?

You can then measure whether you have achieved the desired engagement – did you lead more traffic to your website? Did you receive more applications for your vacant jobs? Have you gotten more relevant followers? And so on.


Do you have any tips for increased engagement on LinkedIn?

Please leave any comments here.

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