5 tips for your Company Page on LinkedIn

The interest in the professional use of LinkedIn’s Company Pages is steadily increasing, and the possibilities with the pages are also developing at a rapid pace. It can, therefore, be challenging to ensure that you’ve got everything you need and that you’re optimizing the use of these possibilities.  

In this article, you will get 5 tips for achieving better success with your Company Page on LinkedIn.

1. Post content that supports your objective

There are unfortunately still many pages that are either blank or where out-of-date job postings are listed. The latter could, however, be acceptable if the only aim of the presence is to create visibility for job vacancies.

First, find out why you are on LinkedIn as a company – is it to increase visibility in relation to your brand or services, is it for employer branding, or something quite different? You can then make a tally of your content types by percentage to ensure that the content covers all the aims.

2. Analyze your followers

Quite a few companies have managed to attain a good number of followers. Too often, however, they are neither clients nor potential customers, but rather, employees, their friends, and family. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it could also be good to know how many of the “right” followers we are reaching when we post updates from the page.

You can find 2 tools on LinkedIn to help with this – both of them require administrator access and are also accessible on Showcase Pages.

3. Visibility for the “right” profiles

If you haven’t managed to capture the “right” type of followers, or you just don’t have enough of them, remember that you can pay for increased visibility on LinkedIn. Your updates will then appear in the newsfeeds of your chosen target groups – and also shown on mobile devices.

You can target based on criteria such as function, industry, company size, skills and much more. If you’d like to read people in their newsfeeds without having the history on your Company Page, this can be done by using Direct Sponsored Content.

Another method of ensuring the “right visibility” is by mapping out your colleagues’ LinkedIn network. You don’t have to be too detailed, but you should have an overview of, for example, who are in contact with journalists, with HR etc. i.e. those you might want to be visible to. Quite often one’s colleagues have a strong network within a specific industry, perhaps built through a previous job, so why not use this potential? If one of your colleagues is connected with many people in the target group, they could see whether others are willing to share the company’s updates (or perhaps just “like” an update), and thereby create the necessary visibility.

4. Take advantage of Showcase Pages

There are quite a few who haven’t quite caught up with the opportunities that can be created by using LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages. Showcase Pages are “subpages” to your Company Page and can be used for positioning your company within a specific field, creating a place with relevant content for a particular target group etc. Showcase Pages are visible at the top right of the Company Page and function as an independent page with its own content and followers. It can also have its own administrators.

So, you should consider whether it could be beneficial for your organization to make use of these “subpages” e.g.:

  • For HR and recruitment
  • To take ownership of a specific theme or topic that you might want to educate the market on, for example
  • To be able to target both large and small companies, or private and public

There is a multitude of possibilities and it is only the imagination that sets the limit. However, you should always be aware of the following:  1) Does it suit our desired positioning? 2) Will people follow our topics? 3) Do we have enough content?

Don’t forget that if you have challenges in finding the content for one page, it won’t be any easier to create four new pages. Creating valuable content requires increased focus and resources.

Tip: When you create a new Showcase Page, you start with 0 followers… so it’s a bit of an uphill climb. Why not use your existing followers (who are already interested in what you have to say) to get the page going?

5. Optimize the page in relation to Google and LinkedIn searches

It seems easy to forget to optimize your presence on LinkedIn so that the company pops up in relevant search results on Google. To make sure that your Company Page is found on both Google and LinkedIn searches under other than the company name, I suggest that you start by editing the following, with a focus on keywords:

Description:  Early in the text, name which areas the company operates in, its core competencies etc.

Specialties: When you are in “edit mode” on your Company Page, there are a number of fields where you can enter your “specialties”. These affect where the company pops up, so think about which areas are the most important to highlight. On the page, they appear as words/sentences separated by a comma in between.

What is your best tip for Company Pages?

You are welcome to share your tips and experiences below.

For further insights and tips on how to use LinkedIn professionally – follow our Showcase Page LinkedIn for Businesses on LinkedIn.

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