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18 do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn

It’s not always easy to navigate on LinkedIn – this applies to both the “oldies” and “newbies”. Therefore, we provide you with 18 do’s and don’ts, that you can use when strolling around on the professional network, LinkedIn. 1. Personal is “go” If you want to create new valuable connections, it is a good idea to be personal in all...
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How to write a successful LinkedIn article

Publishing a LinkedIn article is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand and your profile – but writing an article that will be published among professionals can be intimidating and cause performance anxiety. In this article, we guide you through the process of writing a successful LinkedIn article that will impress even a journalist.
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The value of active colleagues on social media

Everyone is talking about it right now; ‘Employee Advocacy.’ But what is it really? Why should we spend energy on it? And what is the value? You’ll get the answers in this article.
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6 tips for content amplification

Amplifying the content is, as we say, half the work. Unfortunately, it is rare that one’s content gets shared by itself, and even rarer that it is spread to our desired audience.
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Here’s why your employees should use LinkedIn actively

We’ve heard it before and it has also gradually become our mantra here at Digital Works: Companies can no longer survive without their colleagues’ efforts on LinkedIn – we need our colleagues to play an active role in the sharing of content, employer branding, as well as for sales and relationship management.
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6 tips for your content marketing plan

Many of you are already working with content planning, either formally or more sporadically. In this article, you’ll find tips for planning, content, set up and much more, so you can produce better results with content marketing in your business.
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