10 things to post on your company page

There are more than 30 million Company Pages on LinkedIn. If you aren’t one of those who take advantage of the potential with a Company Page, you miss a unique opportunity to reach your target audience directly. We provide you with 10 tips on what kind of content you can share from your Company Page.

Different posts have different goals – and it is important to know the goal of your post. If the goal is leads, you should link to a white paper, e-book or other material, where they should provide their information in exchange for the content. On the other hand, if your goal is brand awareness, you can link to your website, and if your goal is thought leadership, you can share an article you have written yourself or an article you find interesting and enriching.

1. Video

Video, video, video – it is everywhere, and there are several reasons:

  • Video has a 5x higher chance of starting virtual conversations than other types of content
  • LinkedIn members spend nearly 3x more time watching a sponsored video over regular sponsored posts

Furthermore, it seems that video is prioritized in the algorithms, which increases the chance your video lives longer, get a higher reach and engagement.

2. Pictures with statistics

We love statistics – they tell us something concrete, very fast – something that fits into our busy everyday life.

You can use statistics from case studies and external studies to catch people’s attention. When you have caught their attention, try to lead them into your company’s site.

3. Product launches or improvements

Keep your followers up to date with your latest news, such as product launches or new services. That way, you give them exclusivity, where they get to know things before others.

4. Celebrations

Do not be shy to celebrate your company’s success stories and show gratitude to followers and customers for helping you reach your goals. The post does not only celebrate your company, but also the employees who are connected to your company. It also helps to show future customers and other followers that you are good at the things you are doing.

5. Show off your employees

”People buy from people” – not companies. That’s what we hear so often.

Humanize your brand and show off the culture in your company or highlight special employees. By showing the corporate culture, you can signal what kind of business you are, and this type of post can potentially attract future employees. By highlighting special employees as thought leaders with special competencies in their area, you show that you are specialized and have competent employees. Through this kind of posts, both the company and the individual employee are branded.

6. Get participants for your event

This one is a little trickier, as it quickly becomes too “pushy” and sales related. Beware not to be too sales-oriented, when you want to get participants to your event. It is important to get the right angle to the post and make it more about what they achieve by participating, rather than selling something.

7. Promote whitepaper, e-book or something else

People on LinkedIn are interested in getting concrete and enriching knowledge. LinkedIn is an obvious place to share knowledge, and to generate leads. But remember to be careful. Do not push too much and become too sales-oriented with promoting and getting leads. Focus on the enrichment, and write eg:

“Find tips and tricks for your company page on LinkedIn in our new whitepaper”

instead of

“Sign up and get our whitepaper about the company page”

Tip: If you want your content to live, consider sponsored posts. You can target your best content with sponsored content according to e.g. job function, industry or company size to make it more relevant.

8. Third-party content

If you do not have enough content for your company, you can easily share content from other companies and match it to your personality. There is so much relevant content, and it is just about finding the right one.

Tip: Have respect for other people’s content and use it professionally – always credit the source.

9. Appear as a thought leader

Not all posts need to be about your company or your products. You can build thought leadership and authority by sharing relevant content, sharing a different point of view or your thoughts on a controversial topic. Be active in groups and comment with wise words and opinions on industry-relevant questions.

Another option is to work on thought leadership through your employees, as mentioned in section 5. Highlight your employees and their knowledge to show that you are a company full of competent employees.

10. Original research

It is not everyone who can generate enough analyzes and statistics to produce enriching content. Nevertheless, if you have the resources to do relevant studies, this will work well in the feed and show you have valuable knowledge.

Do you have more thoughts on what to share from your company page?

We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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