Quantity or quality on social media?

Content marketing is a trending subject these days. Unfortunately, the resources to get the job done is not infinite. So where should the focus be placed? Quantity or quality? In this article, we give our opinion on which strategy to choose.

The question is hard and often individual from company to company. Both strategies can be beneficial, but it should be defined by the goals and resources available to produce content.

Ideal but unrealistic
Marketing departments can’t easily publish 10 top quality articles, blog posts per week. Unfortunately, for most companies, the quality of the content is likely to be affected if the production increases without further investment in content-producers.

How quantity affects your business

Any additional page published on a website is an opportunity to appear in the search results. It can lead to a higher percentage of traffic coming through organic searches. However, if the content does not consist of high quality and people quickly leaving your website, Google may potentially punish the search results.

There may also be benefits besides the organic search. A higher number of emails can be sent, and more posts can be published if you create more content. Furthermore, your target group becomes more aware of your presence and potential skills; each time any of your content creates enrichment.

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How quality affects your business

Two pieces of quality content will automatically find it harder to achieve the same results as 100 pieces of content in Google. However, it is possible for a part of content to be popular and go viral with a bit of luck.

Nevertheless, there are also advantages to create quality content. Useful and great content leaves a more favorable impression on your target group, who have spent time reading it. It will probably get your content a higher ranking and affect Google’s algorithms positive.

Quality content also shows your audience that you know what you are doing, and that affects the brand of your company. That is definitely an advantage.

Nevertheless, it does not make any sense to have a lot of excellent quality content if no one reads it or finds it interesting. It becomes worthless. So, have you ever considered combining the two methods?

The perfect balance

When you must decide where to put your efforts according to content with either low or high quality, it is a good idea to start looking at your audience.

You must have your audience in mind when producing content to be enriching. It will also affect Google’s algorithms and give you a higher ranking if your audience clicks on your content.

You can, for example, use the feedback from the various social media analytics tools, such as LinkedIn Analytics and the Business Manager on Facebook, to learn more about the perception of your content.

The longer the content is, the less you will be able to produce. As mentioned before, a smaller amount of content is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you create quality content, a solution to the amount of content can be, sharing third-party content.

Rough times for content marketing – quality is rewarded

The algorithms on social media are still hard to break through, and engagement is the key to a good position in the news feed.

If your content is relevant for your target group, you will obtain a higher click rate and likes, the algorithms rewarded. Conversely, the content of low quality may not achieve the same engagement and will, therefore, be punished by Google. But quality is, after all, a “matter of taste” and therefore a measurement of your target group’s preferences is more important than ever, to stay relevant on social media.

Do you focus on quality or quantity?

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