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Most of us know the feeling – we are searching for some specific functions on LinkedIn. We know that they exist, but do not know where to find them. Here we give you a list with the links that lead you directly to many of the important functions.

Did we miss some functions? Leave a comment below, and let us know if there are some quick links to functions you need. Then we will try our best to update the page continuously.

Useful links for everyone on LinkedIn

Find help in LinkedIn help center

Contact LinkedIn

Choose what e-mails you’d like to receive from LinkedIn

See your ‘open cases’ and ‘earlier cases’ from LinkedIn support team

Your personal presence on LinkedIn

If you can not access your LinkedIn profile

If you can’t remember your password and no longer have access to the e-mail account you have associated with your profile, then you can verify your identity to LinkedIn.

For this process, you must use a phone or a computer with a webcam, some photo-ID (passport or driving license) and another e-mail address.

Download all your contacts

Did you know that you can download all your contacts in a spreadsheet?

Download your LinkedIn connections here

Unanswered LinkedIn invitations you have sent

See who has not yet responded. You can also pull the invitations back if you change your mind (do not worry, they will not be notified).

See the list here

See the news from all the companies you follow on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn has created an assembled news feed exclusively for news from companies you have chosen to follow?

See the news here

The company’s presence on LinkedIn

Get your colleagues to attach themselves to the Company Page as employees

When people write that they work in a company on LinkedIn, it is not always that they get linked up correctly on the Company Page, so that they are visible as employees on the page. In that case, we need to help our colleagues.

Share this guide with your colleagues or new employees

Eliminate “wrong employees” from the Company Page

As a starting point, LinkedIn recommends that you ask the person concerned about changing the info on their LinkedIn profile. However, if that is not possible, you can apply for LinkedIn’s help.

Go directly to the form here

Read more in LinkedIn’s help center here

Get your ad approved

When you are creating Sponsored Updates these have to go through an approval process at LinkedIn. This is normally a quick process, but it may take up to 24 hours. We have sometimes experienced a long wait where the ad is listed as “Under Review”. In these cases you can write directly to LinkedIn and ask for help – they often respond quickly and they can approve your ad manually.

Write to LinkedIn’s ad team here

LinkedIn groups

Whether you’re managing LinkedIn groups or is a member of one, there are certainly a few links there are good to know.

See which groups you are a member of

Find the overview here

Want to leave a group?

Then simply select the groups from the list above you want to leave. When you are in the group, you just hold your marker over the “Member”-button in the upper right corner. You can select “Leave”. Click on “Leave” and you have left the group.

Get an overview over the groups you are not yet approved as a member of

If you continuously apply for becoming a member of different groups, you know that you must be approved as a member. But do you know whether you have become a member of all groups?

See not approved requests for membership here

Choose which groups you want to receive e-mail updates from

Update your settings for group updates here

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