Social Selling with LinkedIn

Social Selling will be a relatively new concept for some, but it is a natural fusion between enrichment and the ability to commercialize. Commercialization is amongst others the ability to find the appropriate decision-makers in a company both in the first and second degree. This implies that the sender has built up trust and credibility within their network and groups,...
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New LinkedIn feature: Direct Sponsored Content

If you have worked with LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates, you have undoubtedly missed this function; a new ad initiative from LinkedIn, called Direct Sponsored Content.
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The LinkedIn Blueprint for Success for your company

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 277 million users, and counting. More than 3 million companies have established a Company Page, but what is key to consider when establishing a professional presence on LinkedIn for your company?
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LinkedIn plays a major role in your meetings

Today’s requirements for professional meetings in the B2B market are undergoing rapid development. The time that both a potential or existing client has is extremely limited. I plan for my meetings to last approximately 45 minutes (although 60 minutes is often set aside), but by the time we drink coffee and pleasantries are exchanged, time is nearly up. If I...
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The role of staff on LinkedIn

The staff or employees and colleagues, play a large role in the work towards achieving success on LinkedIn. However, it can lead to a number of uncertainties, thoughts and new challenges.
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