Top 10 most followed pages on LinkedIn

In this article, we introduce you to the 10 most followed company pages on LinkedIn and try to find the key to their success.

The fundament for a successful LinkedIn page is loyal and dedicated followers. We would be nothing without our followers.
It is, off course, the biggest and most popular companies that have the highest amount of followers, but that does not make it less significant to follow the up-coming companies.

The 10 most followed company pages, have their own key to success and differentiate them towards each other. Maybe this will inspire you to work on your company page.

1. Ted Conference

Followers: 13.2 M

The great success for Ted Conference’s brand confirms that inspirational through leadership from the leaders is an important source to professionals on LinkedIn. They post different exciting and relevant content such as videos, articles, and great visuals.

2. Google

Followers: 12.7 M

Google has a high brand value, and the name alone is enough to attract followers, but the company is much more than just the name. Google keep engage its audience with relevant content that shows CSR initiatives, innovations, company culture, and much more. Google is good at putting employees first, and it seems to work.

3. Amazon

Followers: 9.2 M

In the third place on this list, we find Amazon with 9.2 million followers. Just like Google, Amazon priorities to highlight employees and competences with frequently content, which tells a story. Nevertheless, Amazon uses the company page as a channel for ‘executive’ posts such as news, corporate events, sharing insights, job interview tips, and much more.

4. LinkedIn

Followers: 8.9 M

LinkedIn is, of course, on the list as well. LinkedIn always works to offer well-written and enriching content to its followers. The company has a mixed crowd of fans from employees to job seekers. LinkedIn searches for new followers and tries to attract them by asking open-ended questions to lead to a conversation. It helps create audience engagement.

5. Microsoft

Followers: 8.2 M

The computer software leader makes sure to keep its followers up to date with plenty of posts. Microsoft’s posts range widely, from shared personal and exciting angles with company news and analytics to own articles posted by its employees and managers. 

6. Unilever

Followers: 6.8 M

By looking at Unilever’s LinkedIn page, it is hard not to find its posts likable. Unilever shares histories about its CSR initiatives and praises its employees. It makes sure that videos make sense even without sound and share content with colorful and catchy images to bring more life.

7. IBM

Followers: 6.7 M

IBM is one of the biggest technology companies. With its huge focus on AI, Cloud, blockchain, and loT, IBM’s purpose is to share human-orientated content with its network. IBM uses the company page to include its followers by bringing them together around diversity. Many of IBM’s posts highlight its employees and the culture within the organization.

8. Nestlé

Followers: 6.7 M

With the same number of followers as IBM, comes Nestlé. Nestlé uses the company page, like many other organizations, for recruiting and hiring. Nestlé markets its brand through content, which shows the culture in the organization. Furthermore, Nestlé invites its followers to take a look into the future of food. Its content contains diversity, innovation, and sustainability, and Nestlé even substantiate its content with third-party support.

9. Facebook

Followers: 4.6 M

Facebook uses the company page in order to share content about career development. Facebook share plenty of content within its employees and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks – just like Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. Facebook also focuses on highlighting international community debates and charity.

10. Accenture

Followers: 4.5 M

Last on the list is Accenture. Accenture understands how to share multimedia content on LinkedIn which the followers’ love. Its visual expression is spot on. Especially through its short videos and links to new episodes of the popular podcast.

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