Is it possible for companies and employees to strengthen each other’s brand on social media? YES, and the answer is Employee Advocacy. This article explains the concept of Employee Advocacy and all the benefits within it.

The rise of social media continues, and a higher percentage of individuals are using different social media platforms. Therefore, having a social media marketing plan is no longer just nice to have for your company. It has become a necessity and an essential element in the future strategy for any successful organization.

Social platforms are becoming more powerful, so it is essential as a company not to ignore the gain in social media. By contrast, companies must take advantage of the many opportunities. One of the many opportunities is the role of your employees. Your employees can contribute in many different ways on social media. More and more people are pointing out that Employee Advocacy is the key to success.

Why do you need to work with Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy covers the activity your employees create on social media. For instance, when your employees are sharing content about their company, job, work culture, or professional interests on social media. Said slightly different, the employees must be motivated and equipped to become active brand advocates for the company.

Do you find it difficult to create engagement as a company on social media platforms? Do not worry; many companies find it difficult – that is why your employees can be beneficial. It creates an advantage for you and your company when your employees share their professional knowledge with their network.
Surveys show that employees typically have ten times more connections than the actual company page.

Furthermore, your employees can also help build trust for your company by sharing relevant content. It can often be a challenge for the company to create trust by itself, which is exactly why your employees can make a big difference. Research also shows that 52% have more trust for an employee than a CEO.

Use your employees right and create success

It is essential that your employees feel involved and responsible for their work, and they feel motivated to share professional content. A good tip is to focus on a few employees for a start instead of concentrating too broadly. By starting with a smaller group of employees, you have the opportunity to follow the results more closely and observe the progress.

For example, if only 3% of your employees share content about the company or share content from your company page, they can generate 30% of the total views and clicks. That is an important factor to keep in mind.

Still not convinced about Employee Advocacy?

We have a lot of facts to convince you about why you should work with Employee Advocacy. The source to all the below statistics is SocialMediaToday.

  • Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs. the same messages shared via an official brand social channel
  • 79% of firms surveyed reported more online visibility after the implementation of a formal employee advocacy program
  • 65% reported increased brand recognition
  • 8x more engagement from employee-shared content then by brand channels

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