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New Features on LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn is constantly changing and updating its features and functionalities. In this article we will show the new functions as for 2021.
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What is a LinkedIn cover story?

The most exciting part about each and every LinkedIn member is related to the journey behind each profile. We are different; we have different skills and goals, different ways of approaching potential or existing customers, or hiring managers. Through this new feature, the LinkedIn cover story, you can record a short video (max. 30 seconds) where you can share your...
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The headhunter’s best tips for a good profile on LinkedIn

To get more in-depth insight into what headhunters look for when seeking candidates on LinkedIn, we interviewed CEO, Henrik Brabrand, of the executive search company Albright Partners A/S. Here you have his 5 best tips for a good profile on LinkedIn.
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How to succeed with employee advocacy

Has Employee Advocacy not been a part of your organization’s strategy so far, then 2021 might be the year to start thinking about it. In this article, we have gathered nine tips on how to succeed with Employee Advocacy and ensure a successful startup of your Employee Advocacy strategy.
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Target audience for linkedin ads

Build the perfect target audience for your ads on LinkedIn

Do you have experience with paid advertisement on LinkedIn? If yes, then you probably know that building the target audience is a key step. You might also know that building your target audience can be complicated and challenging. In this article, we present you with a practical guide on how to build the perfect target audience for your LinkedIn ads....
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The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide

Presently, there are 706+ million professionals on LinkedIn. This means, that the platform is full of possibilities and opportunities both for individuals and companies. Thus, we have gathered the ultimate guide for the professional use of LinkedIn. Explore our articles and get insights into different aspects of LinkedIn that would surely be beneficial for you.
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New functions on LinkedIn 2020

Summer is coming to an end, and you are probably just getting started or going back to work soon. In this regard, you might have missed some of the LinkedIn updates that have been introduced over the last months. In this article, we present you with the newest options and features launched by LinkedIn.  
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8 functions that you probably do not know exists on LinkedIn

There are a ton of different functions available on LinkedIn, of which only a few people know about all of them. For example, do you know how many LinkedIn invitations that you have received but not yet accepted? Or have you considered how to avoid spam from various LinkedIn groups? In this article, we have gathered some of the functions...
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Make the perfect LinkedIn update from your Company Page

You probably think that it is easy to post something from your LinkedIn Company page – and yes, it is. However, a list with numerous opportunities to edit and adjust your posts exists as well as a list of restrictions that you might not be aware of. In this article, we give you the overview to enable you to make...
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The value of Video Selling

The environment and conditions for salespeople are constantly developing and changing. People and organizations are more geographically spread, and the use of digital remedies highly characterizes work methods – especially the importance of using videos has increased. This includes different video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Due to this, Video Selling has emerged and gained more...
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